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Step by Step

Step 1: Basic Setting

Site Basic SEO setting ( title, description keywords )
Activity Edit activity period, title, description etc.
Participate Number of votes can be made on each voting round, sign up requires verify, upload limit, group, candidate info, location etc. 
Vote Votes limitation, verify, number of votes etc.
Description Event description, terms, winning announcement etc.

Step 2: Visual Setting

Background / Tone Page background, main tone color
Icon / button Change icon and button
Banner Desktop and mobile banner settting
Header / footer Logo, header and footer color
Menu Add Menu 

Step 3: Marketing Setting

Social Share, invite to like fans page
Ads Ads content
Promo App promo, LINE, Youtube
Lucky draw Lucky draw / Scratch setting

Step 4: Publish Event

Publish event Now you can promo the event URL through QR Code, Facebook, LINE, or Ads.