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Register / add event

Q: Restricts to register?
A: There is no restricts what so ever, you only need an E-mail account.

Q: How to start?
A: After completing register and log in, you can create event right away.  For details, see [How to start].

Q: Is there Event limit on FREE plan?
A: No, you can add unlimited number of events, events are no time limit.

Q: Time limit on FREE plan?
A: There is no time limit on FREE plan, however, there are some useful functions privileged to paid plan.  Organizers can switch to paid plan at any time; paid plan will automatically switch to FREE plan when expired


Fee / payments

Q: How to pay for paid plan?
A: +1 support PayPal; organizers can pay by PayPal account or credit card.

Q: What will happen when visiting traffic or votes reach the daily limitation?
A: After reaching the daily limitation, site visitors will be blocked to visit page or unable to vote; +1 will calculate how many visits or votes are blocked; event organizer can purchase higher plan accordingly.



Q: How to calculate fees when purchasing extra visit traffic or votes allowance?
A:Administrator can be purchasing extra traffic or votes at any time during event proceeding.  +1 is using step rate to purchase extra, as a result, as your traffic and votes usage needs increase, you benefit from the economies of scale that allow you to increase adoption and keep costs under control.



Q: What is the purpose of using security password?
A: +1 will ask for security password when sensitiveoperation occurs, security password was verified by E-mail; administrator can set security password after log in.





Q: Online registration for the election?
A: visitors can register online (depends on event administrator setting, verification maybe needed).

Q: Is Facebook Fans page is essential to conduct an event?
A: Fans page is not required for event creator; but candidates and voters are required to have Facebook account.



Q: Is it possible to set multiple administrators which have different permissions?
A: Yes, go to Control Panel > Administrator settings to add a new administrator and set permissions.

Q: Other Languages?
A: +1 currently has English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese user interface; control panel also provides language pack setting; if needed, you can translate to the language desired.


Q: Can I ask voters to like fans page before voting?
A: Although, +1 has settings that requiring voters like fans page before voting; this type of fans page promo is no longer a good method and might cause account suspended.  We recommend organizers to invite user instead of making it mandatory.

Q: Both Candidates and voters need to log in their Facebook account?
A: Yes, +1 determines identify of participants by Facebook Account and ID, in order to maintain fairness of the event.


Q: Mobile phone friendly?
A: Both PC and mobile version are available on FREE and paid plan.  Website UI will switch automatically.



Q: Who should I contact with if I have a great idea to work with +1?
A: +1 is looking forward to work with all kinds of ideas; If you have idea to share, please send us a message on Plus1Today Fans Page.


Q: Still need help.
A:please send us a message on  Plus1Today  Fans Page; We will get back to you soon.